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There are many different factors that can determine what color a person’s eyes will be.  The strongest indication is genetics.  For example, if one parent has brown eyes and one parent has blue eyes, there is a chance the baby they will have could have brown eyes because of dominant and recessive genes.  If the brown eyed parent has blue eyes in the family, then that increases the chances of the child having blue eyes.  Normally, people who have an eye color they are not fond of can go to an eye doctor for colored contacts.  However, the times have indeed changed and a person has other options for changing their eye color.

The best prices in Colored Contacts Non Prescription

Cheap Colored Contacts Non Prescription

A contacts lens is designed to help a person see in a much more convenient and comfortable way then wearing glasses.  It used to be that the only way a person could get any kind of contacts lens was if they went to see an eye doctor and the lenses were prescribed.  Contacts progressed from being clear to being colored, and colored contacts really changed things because a person with bad eyesight now could change their eye color at the same time they corrected their vision problems.  However, corrective lenses with color in them would do more than just help people see better.

People with normal eye sight began to ask the question, why should people with vision problems be the only people that now have the option to change the color of their eyes?  The demand for colored contacts grew until finally, cheap colored contacts non prescription lenses became available for everyone to buy and not just from an eye doctor.

When colored lenses were first available, they only came in the basic colors of brown, green, and blue.  However, over the course of the years, and because of changing technology, there are a lot more colors to choose from.  Anyone that wants to have purple eyes, or eyes like a cat can now get those wild eyes and there are many more colors and styles to choose from.

Genetics might not have given someone the beautiful green or blue eyes they have always wanted, but now there are colored lenses that are available to buy from a number of different places including the World Wide Web.  Thanks to cheap colored contacts non prescription lenses, a person can have a lot of fun choosing to have a different eye color every single day of the week!

Color Contacts for Astigmatism

Astigmatism’s are very common in people with bad eye sight, and is one of the leading causes of people who have contacts or glasses. Speaking from personal experience, it is a pain to try and get glasses or contacts when you do have the astigmatism problem. This is due to the fact that one eye is always worse than the other by a wide margin. Astigmatism doesn’t just limit itself to a certain age. Its effects people of all ages and ethnicities. It is one of the leading causes for eyes sight problems in our older and newer generations today.

The new type of Color Contacts for Astigmatism

Color Contacts for Astigmatism


Glasses are a lot easier to get when you have astigmatism than it is to get contacts when you have astigmatism in one or both eyes. Contacts are in some places a lot less expensive than glasses but it also depends on what kind of problems you have with your eyes. People with astigmatism are going to pay more for their contacts, because you have to have a lot stronger prescription than you normally would with basic vision loss.


Contacts vary in price depending on what you are looking for. Natural contact lenses are not going to cost you whole lot of money. Now when it comes down to color contacts for astigmatism that where it gets tricky. Not only are you paying for the astigmatism lens but you are also paying for the color quality of the contacts as well. There are three different qualities of contact lenses for colored contacts for astigmatisms. These qualities range from barely changing your eye color to dramatically changing the complete color of your eyes. It all depends really on what you want. These run more for astigmatism because they have to be special made and ordered to fit your vision with the astigmatism.

It also depends on what eye doctor you go to as well, because some optometrists don’t specialize in color contacts for astigmatism patients. You need to be sure you do the correct research and find which of your local optometrists will offer colored contacts for astigmatism patients. Any of your local eye doctors can discuss the options with you and if they don’t offer these contacts they can normally help you find someone who will and refer you to their offices. Make sure to also get a quote on about how much it will cost and shop around for the best prices. It can save time, hassle, and money.



Colored Contact Lenses – All About it HERE!

Every few years there is a new shift in fashion. Once previously odd or unusual practices become mainstream and acceptable. This is what is currently happening in the field of eye wear. From glasses with no lenses or no magnification to the blossoming world of colored contact lenses the world of changing eye appearance is in full swing. You can now completely change or alter the look of your eyes with the use of non prescription colored contact lenses. This opens up a whole new world of appearance altering and making yourself much more attractive, much more stunning, or a much more convincing version of who you’d like to look like.

All about Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses

The technology now in play with contact lenses allows for almost complete customization for colored contact lenses of all shapes, sizes and of course appearances. The fact that they are offered non prescription means that anyone can wear them and the ability to change the look of your eyes no longer needs to be dictated around medical hoops and jumps. Matching your eye color to how you have always wanted, making a much more convincing costume, or allowing your inner personality to shine through a different appearance.


A proper fitting is always a good place to start. These are your eyes you’re talking about! Putting anything on or near your eyes should always be done so in a very professional and clean environment. Not doing so could cause serious damage and even irreversible side effects to vision and sight. No aesthetic change is worth damaging such a precious sense. Even if the desired effect is only to have a different appearance and no actual vision adjustment is necessary, legally in the United States a prescription for a fitting is necessary to have been done before ordering any contact lenses. This is for your own good and should always be done to ensure the highest safety and best results. These are after all still considered medical devices.


Everyone has heard that the eyes are the window to the soul, but the eyes are also the initial step of a first impression. Captivate everyone you see with the perfect color of eyes and the most vivid and awe inspiring colored contact lenses. Non prescription color contact lenses allow literally anyone to now have the freedom to choose how they want their eyes to look comfortably and responsibly.